Monday, November 15, 2010

Mellow Yellow Monday # 3


This is my youngest and only son Mochi (with his yaya) and this was his first Trick or Treat. I had a hard time looking for his Halloween costume. Thanks to Ebay I found his monkey costume. But the nearest stores ran out of pumkin basket so I just got one of my daughter's beach pail, grabbed some black markers, made some scary eyes drawings and tada!, a makeshift halloween pumpkin basket for my Mochi. He liked it very much he can't keep from biting it :)


indicaspecies said...

Aw, Mochi is so cute! Have a lovely day.

Dinah said...

ha ha, he is too cute! necessity talaga is the mother of invention :-)

Anonymous said...

Aww... He is sooo cute. hehe... And I love the pumpkin basket. =)

Kim, USA said...

Oh he is so cute. And the yaya looks like she is enjoying it too. Happy Monday!
Mellow Yellow Monday

chubskulit said...

He is so cute and you are so creative mommy!

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