Thursday, September 11, 2008


i've been a reader of blogs for quiet sometime now and i've been itching to have my own. but what kept me uncertain about it is my friend/boss/mentor that kept saying that blogs are for KSPs only (kulang sa pansin for that matter). well, if pinocchio was a real thing he might envy my nose when i told my boss that im no KSP & i have no plans of having one :p

hah! the hell! im starting to have my own blog now and nobody's gonna stop me :D

im so exited, i just hope that i can keep this up regardless of all the pressure hehehe (pressure daw o!)

why prettystepdaughters? that you will know when the right time comes. so now im giving you reasons why you should watch out for my upcoming posts hehehehe. (my sadistic nature strikes again tantaran!!!)

but for now, i think i need first a little help on this html thing. i wanna design my blog to make it look at least well uhm-wholesome.

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