Wednesday, September 17, 2008

99 days more

"I don't want a lot for Christmas there is just one thing I need.."

As this song of Maria Carey keep on playing over and over again in my ITunes, I can't help but get exited. In barely 99 days, Christmas will be here. And people will again be sending gifts and wishing each other "Merry Christmas". Thinking of what gift to give to people who almost have everything that money can buy is hard and even harded when you don't have enough resources (as in my case). Between high gas prices and consumers’ fears of a financial squeeze, it seems as if a nice Christmas is out of the picture this year. But we can try something different like giving something more personal which the receiver will get to appreciate more than buying expensive and boring gifts from the malls. And the only way to prevent yourself from the "Christmas Burden" is to plan ahead of time. Here are few of the things I wish I could to to save money:

Avoid Buying Gifts, Except For The Kids- hehehe, how about not buying gifts for the folks? Anyway, Christmas is not just buying stuff anyway (hehehe I hope makaya ko ito)

Open a Savings Account - with all the company bonuses, 13th month pays, tax refunds, and money gifts that we can get from generous bosses, we can start saving up by opening an bank account. After the Christmas Rush, all of us will end up broke due to the "walang patumanggang paggastos" and this savings account will back us up on the coming year.

Make a wishlist to avoid unwanted gifts and stick to it. OK, this year, we, adults are not buying gifts for each other. We are only buying gifts for the kids. So, when we did buy gifts we would give a list of ideas of gifts we would want. Therefore, no standing in return lines the day after Christmas, every kid got what they wanted!

Go Potluck! When celebrating Christmas with the whole clan, you buy the spaghetti, have everyone else bring the side dishes and drinks. Anyway, I think other family members will gonna like this idea too.

Break up gift sets. (OK, I can't avoid giving gifts to folks hehehe). If you find an item that comes in a gift set at Christmas, give parts of it to different recipients.This is great for stationery set, mugs, toy sets and towel sets.

Make memories - Keep the gifts small and inexpensive and give to them while singing a Christmas song substituting your gifts for the lyrics. (kahit sintunado pwede na at least you tried). In this case, it really is the thought that counts. Have fun with your ideas. Humor is mandatory. Your loved one will be so impressed with your efforts that the lavishness of the gift will barely matter.

Gift-giving shouldn't be stressful. Christmas isn't about fighting crowds at the mall or lavishing children with toys they'll lose interest in someday. At kahit palasak na at corny pakinggan still, it really is the thought that counts. So, put down your ATM/Credit card and start thinking creatively. Spread the love, not the consumer goods, this holiday season.

Advance Merry Christmas!!!

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