Sunday, September 14, 2008

can't be with romeo

meeting again after moments or lifetime is certain to those who care...

I just had to share this with people that believes and understands.

I met him 11 years ago. I wasn’t really looking for anything and he wasn’t either except for someone to talk to and listen and maybe help with some advice seeing how he had a bad marriage. We did become involved and no matter how we tried to fight it we just couldn’t. But since it put me in a very compromising situation, we decided to part ways after a year. Then I got married, had kids, and for some reasons, incompatibility and pride to mention a few, the marriage didn't work well too. And it ended earlier than I expected.

Many years passed and I never heard a word from him until a few days ago when I got a message on Friendster. All it said was "I just wanted to say hello and let you know I am ok". I was floored because I felt in my heart that he still cares for me. I wrote him back and I was amazed to find out that for so many years, he still had the same feelings he once had for me and how miserable his life living the same bad marriage he once mentioned. He said that all he wanted in his life was to be with me. I told him that the same crossed my mind once. But things are different now and trying is not an option. Right there and then, i said goodbye. And saying goodbye maybe isn’t the hard part, it’s what we leave behind that’s tough. Maybe even thougher when goodbye was said the second time around. Until this moment, I never understood how hard it was to lose something you never had. And the chances of finding your soulmate are so slim but to lose them and then get them back just to lose them again-"regret" and "hurt" may not be the right words to express how it felt...

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