Thursday, August 27, 2009

Our Best Jump Shot

We love to take jump shots as we love jumping. We knew it’s kinda baduy for us being professionals to take jump shots and its not cute anymore but who cares we’ve doing it for a long time now and it only shows that we are still physically fit to do it. This is our favorite shot taken somewhere in February after office hours. We would be taking pictures of the sunset but the sun is still up and we agreed that while we’re waiting, we’d take some jumping pictures of ourselves . Take note that the slippers gave an added effect. That's me third from the left :) Lots of practice really makes perfect. See how high we could jump!

Before we got the perfect shot, it took us around 30 jumps that left us all tired, tired from jumping and tired from laughing. This was a memorable shot for us because we really had a blast. Our Village Manager Engr. Mon and our driver Mike offered themselves to be the photographers. Here are some of the pictures taken:

giving our best pose hahaha

at the greens

Miss Elisa being attacked by big monster ants

we called them "dramatic shots" :P

and lastly, the sunset at Punta Fuego.

By the way, there's an ongoing contest held at Make or Break where you have to post an entry with the title Jump for Pehpot and you need to include a solo picture of a jump shot. I'll be joining too but I need to decide first which picture to include.

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