Friday, August 28, 2009

I found a new Pay You To Blog company

Advertise with my Blog

Advertise with my Blog
Since I've been away from my blog for quite some time, I had lost my page rank and with this I lost all the possible opps. Now, I'm having a hard time making up. It's like I'm starting over again whew. I know a lot of efforts are needed and that I need to work hard for it and be more patient. When you are starting to earn through blogging, you can't help but be resourceful enough to look for more companies that will help you earn more. And it's really tiring and frustrating sometimes. Hayyyyyssssss.


Anyway, I found a new Pay You To Blog company and I thought of why not give it a try. After all I can feel that it is another great company. You can sign up for free if your interested. Or just click the banner below if you want to sign up under my referral ;)

Advertise with my Blog

Thanks and more earnings for us.

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janet said...

thanks for signing up under my referral... did you also include the invisible code in your post aside from the referral banner? and also, did you submit the permalink of your post and make sure it doesn't have http:// at the beginning ? other than that, not sure why it won't activate. hmmmm...

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