Friday, August 28, 2009

Jump For Pehpot

Again, here's my favorite subject for my blog, my best friend, Mylene whose heart is bigger than her size. She's always there for me whether during happy or during sad times. I remember when my mother passed away, she's so worried that she'd been calling me from time to time to check if my ok. She's so game that when we do jump shots she also jumps. She doesn't consider herself fat and she has lots of self confidence and she's happy for what she is. This picture was taken on an afternoon before we went home. She's not that heavy, do you think so?

So if Mylene can, why can't you?

Bloggers out there, WHY DON'T YOU JUMP FOR PEHPOT TOO?


pehpot said...

I love it!

I will put you on the list next week..

Thanks for joining :)

Make or Break

fedhz said...

Wow! I don't know if i can jump that high! ^^

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