Thursday, March 21, 2013

Voice Lessons: How early is early

My daughters Mikaela and Helenia were gifted with beautiful voices. Unlike kids their age, they favor American Idol, Glee, and Victorious over any other kiddie’s shows.  Right from the time they learned how to talk, they were able to sing while they’re playing and I’m proud to say that our house is constantly surrounded by music. When they were babies they easily learn to carry out a tune. At age 3, Helenia was able to sing Pangako by Regine Velasquez, at age 4, she was able to sing Won’t Go Home Without You by Maroon 5, and by age 6, she was able to sing all the songs listed in the Myx Charts, and when she turned 7, we gave her formal voice lessons.

However, according to her voice coach the ideal time for voice training is at age 10. This is the time when the child has a good control of air supply so as not to strain the vocal chords. Helenia was denied at first but as soon as Helenia began to sing, it was obvious that she had a good voice that was way beyond her years. And so she was accepted.

During her first lessons, she was given ear-training to help her stay in tune. She was also given breathing exercises, even facial stretching exercises. She was also taught the proper way to take care of her voice. Aside from having fun and not losing interest, the main goal for young kids who sing a lot is to prevent them from straining their voice. Whether she’ll be a singing star or not, it doesn’t matter. What matters is I am thankful that I was given talented daughter and hearing her sing is priceless even if she do it in the bathroom. 

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