Thursday, March 21, 2013

Wednesday Happy Thoughts

Happines is:

  1. Helenia’s recognition day. Another medal to add to her collections (Oh well, I’m being conceited)
  2. Tiring but enjoyable quick 2-day vacation at La Union
  3. Lots of pasalubongs from Star.
  4. Free movie tickets from Nuffnang, got to see a movie again tomorrow
  5. Having my internet shop transferred to a nearer (and cheaper rent) place.
  6. Summer vacation for the kids.
  7. Audit is over. Thank God. I hope I can have time to update my blog.
  8. Newly bought dumbbells and the thought of going back to running again.
  9. My Siamese cat.
  10. My daughters are back to singing again and come April they’ll have their formal voice lessons.

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