Thursday, January 13, 2011

Star's Coming Over

Star, my sister-in law, is based in Qatar and is working as a hospital nurse. We used to chat every now and then and she has been sending us pictures of her while she’s at work. She was first assigned in the pediatrics then later in the emergency room.  I noticed from her pictures that her scrubs in Qatar are a bit different from the scrubs she used to wear when she was still working here in the Philippines.  She said the hospital uniforms in Qatar were designed to meet the basic standard for Arab women's dress. They were patterned from the jallabia, an Arabian Traditional women’s dress that’s long, fits loosely and is ankle length, it’s actually a long dress with long sleeves. Her hospital uniforms vary in colors and she liked it because it covers every part of her body and it also prevents patients from touching them.

Last week she phoned me and she said she’ll be coming home in March and she’ll be staying here for good and that’s good news to us. Since she worked in Qatar, we have been worrying too much for her. Maybe if it’s some western country we won’t.  Anyways, she has plans of putting up a business but for sure she will still work as a nurse since she still has job offers here. I’ll bet she will ask me again to accompany her to buy new scrub sets. My daughter is so exited when I told that her aunt is coming. It simply means there will be loads of chocolates for her and of course a new signature bag for me. I can hardly wait.

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