Friday, January 14, 2011

Going Back To School

A couple of weeks ago, I was invited by my officemate to try getting a post-graduate study. She said the State University near us has classes where in we can choose the best schedules suitable for us since we’re working 6 days a week. This got me so excited that I went over to the University and check the available courses. The admission officer offered me MBA. I’ve been working as an accountant and I know an MBA will help me understand more the value of financial decisions and the job of finance in sustaining a company. But I know this will be hard for me as it will involve a lot of study, research, and writing essay, not to mention a thesis.  Having a nearly-teen daughter, another daughter in preparatory class, and a baby in hand, I will only have a little or no time at all for my MBA. Being out of school for a long time, I already forgot where to start, what should be the structure, or how I will end my essay. Too good there is this site where you can buy essays uniquely written just for you at unbeatable prices. They can also give me some pointers and direction on how to plan essay writing. Written by professionals and experts, I can guarantee that my essay is 100% authentic and will be delivered to me on time so I will never have a problem meeting my deadlines. I been thinking of the possibility of getting an MBA not just because I can be the best in my field but it can also help me earn a promotion and definitely a salary increase.

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