Monday, January 17, 2011

Mellow Yellow Monday # 7


This is my best friend Thess carrying my only son Mochi. Picture was taken last year's mothers day when we agreed to have a get-together by the beach. We both brought along our kids and we had so much fun. A week after our get-together, she went to Dubai for a 2-year work as food attendant. Then another week after, she suffered severe asthma that took her life. I knew she's in good hands now. But I missed her.


gengen said...

She looks cute holding your baby and your baby is cute too. Happy MYM!

Liz said...

Great shot!

My Mellow Yellow.

Becca said...

That's great that you have pictures to remember her by :)

inday_adin said...

So sorry about that. It's always nice to remember those that we care so much. :) God Bless!

Adin B

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