Thursday, January 13, 2011

I'm Buying A Car

I am buying my own car this year, a second-hand car to be clear. I am done with the amortization of my house and the bank offers me for another loan, a car loan this time. I rejected the idea of having a loan after another. I will be saving money so I can pay in cash.  I need to have car insurance too since I’m not too much of a driver. I have a friend who’s into buy and sell of cars and he’s so familiar with car insurance. He can give me a list of agencies where I can ask of insurance quotes so I can compare auto insurance rates. I know that car insurance rates depend on what car model I am buying. If I’m not mistaken the older the car model the lower the insurance. Anyways, I’ll be taking a good look on these agencies and I will compare auto quotes. I don’t want to waste money and later on be sorry later on and if I can ask for discounts which I am eligible, why not. If I can pay in installments, why not again?  Its hard-earned money that I’ll be using on this so I better be wise. . 

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