Friday, December 26, 2008

I won at Mommyko's Christmas Giveaway Contest

This is really great! I won at Mommykos' Christmas Giveaway Contest! Check out my prize!!

5TH PRIZE $10 + 7,700 EC--->Winner: PrettyStepDaughters
$5 - Earning Money Online
$5 - A Message From My Heart
1 Blog Template worth $29 - Website Design Services
1000 EC plus banner ads for 1 week - Kalidadis
2000 EC - Wonderful Things In Life
1000 EC - Definitely MAYBE!
1000 EC - The Joy Of Life Forever
1000 EC - My Life's Adventure
500 EC - Love's Haven
500 EC plus ad space - MeiYah/Miah Laborte
500 EC - Chica & Pumuckl
200 EC - Around the World
125x125 ad space for a month - Also Mommy
125x125 banner ad for 1 month - PriZK Dot Com

Here's the proof:

Congratulations to all!!!

1 comment:

momgen said...

Send you already the

2000EC from Wonderful Things In Life
1000EC from My Life's Adventure
1000Ec from The Joy Of Life Forever

What about I want to ask you about sponsoring for my next contest you can still join even you are a sponsor pls. do contact me. Thanks.

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