Friday, December 19, 2008

My First Ever Mizuno Sunset Run

Club Punta Fuego, Inc. in cooperation with Mizuno organized a Fuego-Mizuno Sunset Run last Friday, December 13, 2008. This was also a way of celebrating the Club's 10th Anniversary.

I'm not a runner myself though I've been taking small tracks once a week as a routine of shedding off excess weight. This was actually not "running" because it only take about 10 minutes usually from our house to my father's work back & forth (which is only 200 meters).

I'm thanking gutsy & pushy KC Binay for harrassing me to join this Sunset Run. This was her 2nd time to run, her first was in June and she finished her 3K run (combination of walk & run hehe). We came at the venue at 5:00Pm because the race was supposed to start at 5:30, but we have to wait for the other participants for a couple more minutes since this was just a small race and participants were around 60-65 only. There were five of us who registered for the 3kilometer run- Me, KC, Janice, Lorna and our Village Manager cum Friend Ramon. We're encouraging Ramon to register for the 5K since he was a runner and a soccer player but he said he's not for the competition but for making it up with KC who harrased him too to join the race. I told you, KC is so gutsy and so pushy.

Punta Fuego is hilly, slopy and mostly a lot of steep downhills, just like a roller coaster ride. We knew the route and turns because we've been jogging at Fuego whenever we wanted to. We all started in a slow pace and we don't need to push hard because as Ramon said, we're not for the race but for the fun. Anyway, after about 200 meters of running up the hills, we started to pant so I decided to slow down a bit. I walk-run-walk- walk-run.

Janice was about a few feet aheadof me so she arrived first at the turning points and was first to get water. But too bad there was only 1 left, but Janice was so kind to share with me the half and decided that we finished the race together with KC and Lorna a little short behind us. We were surprised to see Ramon finished first. Imagine that! Walang kaeffort effort yet he won first place!! And what's his prize? A brand new Mizuno Running Shoes!! Lucky guy, to think nakikipagchismisan pa siya sa standby ambulance crew while running..

After the run, there was a dinner, awarding, and a raffle. Janice was so lucky to win the grand raffle prize-an overnight stay at Club Punta Fuego Casitas. I'm lucky too to win a Gift Certificate from Mizuno worth 5 hundred pesos. I'll be claiming my prize next week I think I'll be getting a Mizuno Shirt or a cap. Now I knew my pace, maybe I should start to get serious with my running stuff. I've been planning a twice a week run to increase my stamina because I've been panting and wheezing hard during the race. And who knows, there might be another Fuego-Mizuno run in the near future, at least I will be prepared. But first I need to buy new running shoes because my feet were always sore when I'm using my old rubber shoes. We didnt finish the awarding/dinner because we have another activity to attend to, that is the Homeowners' Christmas Party, and Miss Eliza is so mainit na ang ulo dahil late na kami hehe..

Thank CPFI and Mizuno. Till next time..

with Club Punta Fuego Staff

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