Friday, February 22, 2013

PLDT myDSL’s best commercial for me is…

Check out the following videos and tell which PLDT myDSL Anna Banana commercial in the series best shows family-sized connection and sharing at home.

Derek’s Anna Banana Song

Derek got busted

Aria is the new Anna Banana!

Booster, the Lost Dog

Definitely, Booster, The Lost Dog! It shows the infinite sharing of a dependable family-sized connection is possible. That instead of having an internet connection for each family member , PLDT myDSL featured a  speed of up to 10mbps. In the video, everybody’s talking online about the lost Jack Russel Terrier named Booster. Daddy David even opened a Facebook account about it and so many Facebook users responded and after a few days the dog was returned to Lorenzo family. And you can see Mommy streaming without interruptions!

And to get the latest updates about the Lorenzo family, you can subscribe to PLDT myDSL Anna Banana YouTube Channel.

Or just click the image below:

Your home deserves unlimited sharing from the strong, reliable, family sized connection of myDSL. The strongest connections are at home, so visit to get your family connected today!

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