Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Nasugbu Mamaraka 2011

Our town is having its Mamaraka Festival 2011. This is a trade fair that happens yearly during Holy Week usually a week before Palm Sunday until Easter. Local products will be on display at around thirty or more stalls. Locally grown fruits and vegetables, salted eggs, home-made peanut butters and handicrafts made by the Nasugbuenos will be on display. A minimum fee of seven hundred pesos is charged to anyone who wished to join this event. That cost will cover the canopy rental and the electric consumption. Many businessmen and entrepreneurs will be participating in this event as this will be the perfect time to do business. I’ve been thinking that if there will be pop up trade show displays, it would be a lot easier for them to show their products and it would attract more customers as these come in different shapes and colors. You can even add graphics to them to make them even more attractive.  I’ve been thinking also of joining the event.

Last week, I went to our local tourism office and inquired if clothes and accessories can be included and I’m glad to know that dry goods are also allowed in the trade fair. My soon to be business partners agreed that we should have pop up booths instead as it is easy to install and the frames will open up just like a canopy or an accordion. Once our pop up booth is up, it would be easy for us to just hang the panels and presto! Our business is on. People can’t miss this big event as it will be at the center of our town. There will be music and entertainment. I heard there will also be some actors and actresses invited. Anyways, I’m looking forward for having a good trade show pop up and I’m very sure that this will give us a lot of income. I’ll be visiting more trade shows to check on a lot of pop up displays in different forms. I know they will give better results through instant attraction.

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