Saturday, April 23, 2011

Mommy Moments: Rainbow Colors

mommy moments

Last March 24, 2011, I attended my daughters’ school’s craft fair. Student artists and crafters displayed very nice and cute items made from colored papers such as fans, flowers, hats and birds. These were school projects they made. The children also prepared songs and dance numbers to entertain the parents and a variety of goodies such as cakes, ice cream, juices, cookies, chips and candies were available for sale. Some of the foods and drinks were made by the students. The proceeds were used in their closing party. I bought a lot of stuff and ate a lot of food just to show my kids that I support them. For two weeks, my daughters spent an extra 2 hours at school preparing and practicing for the presentations. This craft fair was a fruit of their hard work that’s why I value it so much. From the colorful decorations, to the for sale stuffs, to the food and drinks, these were all done by them with the supervision of course of their teachers. Seeing my 6-year old Helenia dancing then selling candies to people and my 12-year old Mikaela playing keyboard then afterwards  mixing some sago-gulaman drinks just made me one proud Mama.

my Helenia dancing "swing"

my Mikaela playing "Born this way"

I bought a lot of these :)

these were sold at 3 pesos each

my Mikaela's class

parents buying drinks from their kids :)

another craft made by Mikaela

(By the way, I've been having a problem with my cam. I can't adjust the date..)


mommy jes said...

hi sis! such a wonderful colors! pag may school fair dn tuwang tuwa ang kids ko pati ako :D heheh here's mine -

Tetcha said...

So many colorful things in your lovely pictures, Mommy! Thanks for sharing! Here's mine:

January said...

ang dami ng colors..lovely!

Late Visit from MM. Hope you can visit My Mommy Moments thanks

Chris said...

they are so talented mommy! :D i am sure you must be so proud! :D

i also love the crafts they made. i showed it to my daughter and she is doing some of them now :D

sHeNgKaY said...

fiesta sa bayan..hehehe
Late visiting from Mommy Moments! :)
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darly said...

that's a nice activity for kids to showcase their talents

enjoy the rest of the week, hope you drop by my rainbow entry too.
I Love Darly!
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Cheerful said...

that's great and parents are having fun i am sure! visiting late from mommy moments last week theme rainbow. -PinayMum - Mommy's Life Around...

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