Friday, October 9, 2009

My Ellana Samples!

See what I received yesterday, my Ellana samples! 2 shades of mineral foundation- Chai Tea Latte and Peach Coffee Shake, 1 mineral concealer-Cheer, 1 blush- Fetish, and 1 finishing powder-Almond Coffee Cream.

As I can see, the samples really matched well with my skin tone. But I have not yet tried them out since I'm not sure of I can give proper evaluations to the product at this time since I'm on my 9th month of pregnancy and I'm bloated, my nose's big as a tomato and my skin has darkened. I'm worried I might end up looking like a clown and this would not do good for the product :'(

Anyway, my doctor said that my big day is anytime soon so maybe in a couple of weeks I can go back to my old kikay self again and will be able to try out these Ellana samples. I'm also thinking of making a kikay blog that deals with fashion and cosmetics and on trying them out, and this will come soon, very very soon.

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