Wednesday, October 21, 2009

MIA again!

I had been MIA for a week! My CTS kept me from making posts. I had to use my ring fingers on typing because they’re the least painful and I had to rest them every once in a while.(Scratching my back became difficult too). I also had to ask some of my friends to take over of my Farms in Facebook he he he. Aside from being “sakit daw ng mga bloggers and chatters”, CTS is also common in pregnancy. It’s even worse when you already had CTS and then you get pregnant. Ouch!

my swollen hands

I’m so thankful that I had friends who lend me their “helping hands” when mine was beyond use : )

I’m also thankful for my blogger friends who find the time to drop by and gave sympathy. Thank you so much! I’ll get in touch to you guys very very soon.

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