Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I'm really back! (And so does my PR!)

I have one reason to celebrate today. After being MIA for a week, I tried to check on my friends’ blogs for updates. Then when I came to view my blog, I found out that my PR0 is now PR1! Oh Yeah! Woooot Wooooot!

I was sad when my PR was zero but it just made me eager to work harder and not to stop till I get it back. Aside from the tips that I searched from the net, I had also received tips from Earthlingorgeous and Mommy Rubz, and they proved to be very useful and they will never let you down. Take it from the experts!

What I did to get my PR back? Let me share them to you:

Bloghopping- (according to urban dictionary) Following links from one blog to another, reading about the lives of people you have absolutely nothing to do with. You’re not just doing this to increase your page rank and your alexa traffic, but you’re also gaining friends.

Backlink (according to wikipedia) are incoming links to a website or web page. Also known as incoming links, inbound links, inlinks, and inward links. Back links are used to connect and stay connected with blogger friends and are also used to meet new people as well.

Post regularly – by posting regularly, you are sharing your daily lives with the world. The more posts you made the more interested your readers will become. But don’t just post. Usually posting for the sake of posting will not give that much help but a good quality post every once or twice a week will do.

For sure there are many ways to get a high page rank. Page rank is important for those who wanted to earn through their blogs as some advertisers require a blog to have a PR3 or above to be their publisher. And whether we accept it or not, we blog because we wanted to earn money from it :)

To celebrate my happiness, I’m giving away free links to those who will fill out my link exchange form. PR1 is nothing compared to the expert’s PR but I’m positive. Opps are coming in :)


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