Saturday, November 12, 2011

New eyeglasses for me

When I was in high school I had astigmatism. I needed to wear prescription glasses to correct it. For a year I looked like a nerd in school because my eyeglasses were too big and too old-fashion. I just stopped wearing it when I unintentionally broke it and my parents had no budget for a replacement. And that was the last time that I wore eyeglasses. Until last week I went to my ophthalmologist for an eye check-up. I don’t know if it’s the lightings or there’s really something wrong with my eyes because I can’t barely read my daughter’s medical prescriptions. I had a feeling that my eyes are getting weaker as I get older. My ophthalmologist told me that I need to wear prescription glasses again. I just asked for my measurements because my aunt told me that she’ll be giving me her old eyeglasses and I can use the frame and just change the lenses. When I saw the old eyeglasses, I was shocked, it’s so old-fashion again! There’s no way I will use it! I’d rather buy a new one. But the problem is my ophthalmologist is charging me a lot for a brand new frame and where on earth I’m getting that money.

Good thing I’ve been shopping thru internet for quite a while now. I’ve been buying stuff like clothes, shoes, coupons, and even gadgets. I read about this Zenni optical and gave their site a visit and I found out that it’s where we can find the most fashionable and attractive glasses. You can even find $6.95 prescription eyeglasses and still look fab. Ordering is so easy. You just need to give your measurements and choose your frame, wait for a week, and your eyeglasses will be delivered at your doorsteps. Their wide varieties of frames come in different styles, colors and shapes. And they come with free anti-scratch coating, full UV protection, microfiber cleansing cloth, and protective case. Here are the styles that I’m checking-out:

604322  Acetate Full-Rim Frame with Design on Temples
258317 Flexible Plastic Full Rim Frame

Aren’t they so cute? Zenni optical uses high quality materials from stainless steel to titanium making them so durable. I’ve been thinking of getting two pairs. I’m pretty sure that these will butter up my wardrobe. Shipping is only $4.95 regardless of how many you get and since I live outside US, shipping will only cost me $9.95. Not bad at all. If you already bought a pair from Zenni, why not  Share your Zenni story too.


jack said...

As eyes are so important for life so be aware while having eyeglasses online.

Ann said...

My mom is same with yours madame but she's not comfortable purchasing online. We purchased her recent reading glasses somewhere in Quiapo to have her new measurements for only P750. Yet I love your new reading glasses!

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