Monday, March 9, 2009

Havaianas Found to Have Lead

Too bad my daughter can't wear her favorite havaianas..

I love Havaianas. I really do. In fact, my kids does too. I've been spending much in collecting these stuff. Not just they're "fasyon" but because they're durable and goes well with any outfit. And they really really look nice. Too bad the United States reported that they were high in lead content exceeding the federal standards.

We, Filipino are not risking the our public safety and welfare so some local outlets had already removed the same styles that were recalled in the US. Here are the recalled models: Baby Estampas, Baby Pets, Kids Apple, Kids Fairy, Kids Flores, Kids Lighthouse, Kids Monsters, Kids Surf, Baby Letrinhas, Kids Sports, Kids Candies, Kids Fun, Kids Love, Kids Sereias, Kids Speed, Kids Lucky Bug, Kids Pets, Kids Rock, Kids Slim, Kids Wonder Woman, Kids Small Flowers and Kids Tropical w/Kit

Havaianas had been in the market years ago. As we all know, they originated from Brazil. The styles way back then were simple and not eye catching so they're not selling as much as it does right now. Not until the company decided to hire some of the best Brazilian digital artists that gave the product a new modern look the goes well with the range of young and trendy clients. And who can resist these?

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