Monday, May 13, 2013

Kettle Korn: Poppin’ Fun All The Time!


Ever since Walking Dead Series came to television, it was a total hit.  And since I'm a movie addict, I've been wondering if there will be a movie version of this series. It must be exciting to watch. I imagine myself sitting in front of the wide movie screen with a bag of my favorite popcorn in on one hand and my hubby's hand on the other. So if ever I were to star in my own movie, I would be the female version of Rick Grimes the lead protagonist of the series!  It would start when a chimp attacks someone and immediately infects her, and she in turn infects other people. Then in the next scene, I will awake from a coma in a hospital alone, I will look around in abandoned buildings, then I will come to find a small group of Zombies! I will be able to escape them of course, and then later I will meet some survivors including my lost family. I will become the leader of the group fighting to survive a world where zombie apocalypse occurred. There will be a lot of running for our lives and I would be gunning down a lot of zombies of course! Wouldn’t it be so much fun to watch? Especially with a bag of Kettle Korn in your hand - Kettle Korn makes watching movies poppin’ fun all time! Imagine munching Kettle Korn while screaming your heart out!

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