Tuesday, January 15, 2013

FReSH Fragrance Bar: Perfume Store For Perfume Addicts

Having a “signature” scent is a very personal matter and depends on particular preferences.  The one that is appealing to you may be far off to another person. Considering the number of perfumes and fragrances nowadays, I’m still in the search of the best perfume that suits my personality and style. It should characterize me and would reveal the image that I want to express. Sometimes I go through all the testers that are available in the stores that I end up confused which one I would buy because I tried them all at once and my nose got messed up with the scents.

There was also a time when a friend of mine bought a new perfume and it smelled good on her. Thinking that it would do the same for me, I bought the perfume but too bad it just made me a copy cat.

Another factor that’s holding me back to buying my perfect scent is the cost. I’m not that enormously wealthy and I need to consider the cost of the perfume. I know that it’s magnificent and stunning but I really can’t afford to wear it day by day.

Good thing there’s FReSH Fragrance Bar. It is an authorized retailer that has a vast collection of the finest imported scents. And as the saying “Choosing your scent shouldn’t be rushed,” goes, finding the right scent takes time. Their fragrance consultants will help you find your perfect scent without pushing you to buy.

So for Perfume Addicts out here try to visit FReSH, the “Perfume Store for Perfume Addicts”. It currently has 5 retail stores in Eastwood Mall, Alabang Town Center, Lucky Chinatown Mall, Marquee Mall Pampanga, and Abreeza Mall Davao. You can also visit their Facebook page @ www.facebook.com/freshfragrancebar. See you there!

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