Saturday, May 7, 2011

Online Shopping

I have a friend who works as a nurse in Qatar. She has been assigned in the OB ward and in the nursery and she was required to wear printed or colorful tops and jackets with prints that fit for the nursery. She contacted me thru email and asked me to help her find because she’s having a hard time finding them. It’s good that Internet is always there to make our lives easier. Aside from chatting and the social networks that we’re fond of, internet is also an easy way for us to find a site where we can buy the things we need directly from the seller from the comfort of our home. Since my friend is too busy to have time to even shop online, I told her that I will help her find a good site where to buy cheap scrubs. I know that I really need more time to search for the best prices. I promised my friend that I will just send her the link.  

And after some hours, I think the time I spend searching is so worth it. We’ll I can never say that I found the best deal but I think my friend will be aware of the fact that the prices that the many medical scrub supplies may not be the best price. I took considerations of the scrub manufacturers because it will also help me choose which brand my friend prefers most.  After comparing the prices and the quality they offered I came up with this site

By the way, for some who doesn’t have an idea what scrubs are, well, scrubs are the medical clothes used by doctors, surgeons, nurses, and those hospital related workers.  I’ll be sending the link to my friend later. She said she’ll be coming home soon and she said she’ll be bringing me gifts in exchange of my help. I can hardly wait.

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