Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I Am Loud Mom

I’m loud. Well literally because I’m a Batangueña. People often mistook me as always angry. But that’s not what I’m gonna write. It’s about how I get through this so complicated life. I’m married but got separated. My daughters were taken away from me and I was not allowed to borrow them. I can visit them but I can’t take them out. This set-up was hard and in every second of my life it broke my heart. I know my daughters missed me so much and love me more than their father. And it broke my heart more whenever it’s my time to say goodbye to them. Then I came up with a very desperate idea. I kinda “kidnapped” my eldest daughter from school. I rented a van, got my daughter, and paid the driver to drive away from the school as fast as he could. It’s good the teachers and the school guards knew nothing about the situation that they thought I was just about to pick up my own daughter. My mother-in-law almost broke down when it’s her time to pick up my daughter and found out that she was missing. They panicked of course and blamed the teachers and the school guards. But the teachers were not aware that were separated so what my in-laws and ex-husband did was call me on my cell phone, cursed me, call me names, and you can never imagine what words I got to hear from them. If words could kill, I might have been dead now. Anyways, that was six years ago and me, my ex-husband, and my in-laws were in good terms now. I got my own family now and my ex-husband has his and we both got kids of our own. We got to see each other from time to time since my other daughter was left with him. I guess we moved on. 

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